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Plastic Mountains

Moving mountains to solve the plastic crisis

Plastic mountains is a political and educational journey shedding light on the multiple dimensions of plastic pollution - from our economy and lifestyles, over injustices to health and the environment.

Carrying the weight of the plastic crisis on our shoulders from land to ocean, our team will hike across the Alps from Munich to Venice dressed in costumes made from plastic waste and show: We must move mountains to solve the plastic crisis!

The plastic crisis has predominantly been framed as an environmental problem. By choosing an unprecedented way of communicating, we want to show the multidimensionality of plastic issues to wider audiences, and mobilize for existing solutions. Around 25-40 passionate hikers will set out on the mission to cross the Alps within 40 days, walking a distance of 557 km and 22,000m of altitude.

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The mountains are symbolic for the gigantic plastic challenge, but also represent one of the most pristine parts of European nature.

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Hiking costumes

Costumes humanize the problem, make it visible and interactive. And of course, they are highly unconventional - who would be crazy enough to hike the mountains in them?

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Visibility is key for this campaign. A film will visualize our actions, maximise reach and raise awareness beyond our hike.

From Munich to Venice

Plastic Mountains route

The plastic crisis is multidimensional and complex. Our tour helps to understand why and where we must take action.

From 11.07. - 19.08.2021, our team will walk in plastic costumes from Munich, the hometown of impact revolution e.V., to Venice, the closest coastal city. Split into five thematic sections, the alpine crossing will show the absurdity and wide reaching impact of the human plastic crisis.

  • Single use plastic as commodity deeply connected to our lifestyles
  • Increase of plastic production, coupled to our economic system
  • Failure of recycling
  • Plastic waste trade causing international injustice
  • Environmental racism and neocolonialism due to unequal concentration of plastic production and related pollution
  • Differences in reliance on hygiene products leading to gender issues
  • Plastic can act as endocrine disruptor in the human body, likely increasing the risk for cancer, diabetes and other diseases
  • Accumulation of chemicals especially high in women and children’s bodies
  • Ingestion of microplastics
  • Increasing greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic industry
  • Plastic production depending on oil and gas extraction
  • Plastic waste contributing to a loss in biodiversity
  • Existing proposals for legislation and policies - but lack of political will
  • Innovative material and design solutions
  • Change through action, education and citizen engagement

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