Impact Revolution is all about change, about open eyes, aware minds. We believe that everyone is capable of leading their own little revolution for a more sustainable, happy and awesome life. This is why we want to help you have a better impact every single day!!

This is why we get together the best sustainability experts, most exciting social entrepreneurs, successful business leaders and inspiring bloggers and activists to share their thoughts and best practices with us in our podcast, blog and social media channels, and organise events in different cities to connect offline, too!


It's our goal to spread awareness about everyday climate change impact! This is why we help you to learn, inform and take action.


You'll find interviews with sustainability experts, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, scholars and bloggers as well as single episodes by our founder & podcast host Clara Bütow. Hop over to iTunes, Soundcloud, Castbox, Player FM, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Podcast Go & co., or simply listen from our website

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Come to our events to meet us in person! We organise workshops, talks, challenges and bar nights to bring together the Impact Revolution community and connect people passionate about issues that matter, often in collaboration with our friends from MakeSense. We're happy to come to your event, too - just send us a few lines here!

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On our social media channels you'll find thoughts, everyday tips, recommendations for movies, books and other media, delicious meals, recipes for DIY cosmetics, videos, news of the field and lots of other inspiration about sustainability and social impact.



"It is impossible not to make a difference. Every tiny decision you take matters, so let's use our choices to create an everyday impact revolution!"

Clara Bütow, Founder