Massive shout-out to our amazing rebels!

Rebels are all the partners and interviewees of Impact Revolution. 

They are pretty amazing human beings
with incredible projects, purposeful businesses, research discoveries,
activism adventures, cool startups and great stories to share. 

Thank you all for the difference you're making in the world
and for being part of the impact revolution!


"Dude making a difference"

Rob is an environmental activist and adventurer with the mission of making the world a  happier, healthier and more sustainable place. With campaigns like trash me or the food waste fiasco he raises awareness for topics that matter in a original, fun and positive way.


 Zero Waste Founder

Bea is the mother of the zerowaste movement and the bestselling author of the book "Zero Waste Home". She shares tips & tricks around wastefree living on her blog and has delivered over 200 speeches at Google, the United Nations, the TED stage and more.


Food Waste Entrepreneur

Raphael is the founder of SirPlus, an outlet for rescued food. He is one of the initiators of the foodsharing initiative,  and has traveled and lived without money for five years to demonstrate social and environmental problems of the global society and restore faith in humanity.  


CEO Triodos Bank Spain

As Spanish CEO of the sustainable bank of Europe, Mikel is an expert on using money for the greater good of society and the planet. He fights for a world where the transformative power of money is used for the better - no matter if it's through saving, investing or spending. 


Adventurer & Activist

Dhruv is passionate for unconventional challenges that change the world. Ready to learn any new skill needed, he fearlessly crosses oceans, land and ice and speaks up for climate change on the way. Cycling on the river Thames with his floating bike, he inspires action against plastic pollution.


Packagefree Shop Founder

Hannah is the co-founder of Ohne, Munich's first packagefree supermarket. She helps people reduce their everyday waste by offering organic bulk foods as well as unpackaged detergents, cosmetics and household items and hosting events around the sustainable urban lifestyle.


 Purpose Entrepreneur & Coach

Rob is entrepreneur, business coach, influencer and founder of the Awesome People Family, a network for value-based entrepreneurs and changemakers. He helps others to follow their dreams and realise projects that change the world for the better through online content, courses and events.


Founder of Cup Deposit System

As co-founder of Recup, Florian prevents tons of waste every day! By inventing a circulation system for reusable coffee cups, he helps consumers, restaurants and coffee shops to get rid of single-use cups and replace them with sustainable to-go alternatives as part of a deposit scheme. 


Open Source Circular Economist 

Lars is a specialist on the circular economy as well as the open source methodology. He organises the Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE) Days, and has developed a business model to transform any value proposition into a OSCE model.


Annika helps ordinary people create big movements and change the course of history! As a campaigner at the world's biggest online petition platform, she supports anyone to find backers of their campaigns, approach business leaders and governments and make positive changes become a reality.


Architect & Designer

Van Bo is a pioneer at using design for the greater good. Whether it's crowd-producing a "Kharma Chakhs" shoes with 499 strangers, open-sourcing cheap DIY furniture, starting the Tinyhouse University or promoting basic income - Van Bo is bringing out-of-the-box ideas to life that unite society, beauty and purpose.


Fairstainability Master 

Linda knows everything about fair trade, sustainability - and unicorns. Together with the Einhorn crew, she makes Sex not only more fun but also better for the environment and for the workers involved by producing vegan condoms sourced from responsible biodiverse farms in Malaysia and sold with loads of humour. 


Urban Aguaponic Farmer

Nicolas leads a modern agricultural revolution: not only does he bring growing food back to the heart of the city, but his Aguaponic Farms ECF Farmsystems also make agriculture so much better for the environment! It reduces water, optimises resources, gets rid of pesticides and makes CO2 from transportation unnecessary.


Development Expert

Katharina is an expert on international cooperation and the global south. With her organisation Global Match, she changes the neocolonialist hierarchy of most development programs and enables people from the south and north to inspire another, share their passions and work on fantastic projects together.


Coffee Circle CEO 

Martin loves coffee! As founder of Coffee Circle he's on the mission to bring the best quality of the black gold to consumers. For Martin, coffee making is an art that starts with good treatment of workers, environmental farming and the finest roasting. That's why all his coffee is fair, sustainable and finances community projects!