Impact Revolution in the media!!

Here’s a little selection of the media coverage about Impact Revolution:

Triodos: Seven podcasts to hear ideas for a more human economy

Siete podcasts para oír ideas por una economía más humana

El Adelantado: Living sustainably is possible

How is it possible to live sustainably and inspire others while living la vida Española?! Find the whole article (in Spanish) here or in the picture below.


The Stork: A quest for sustainability

Why did I start Impact Revolution? Where did my passion for social entrepreneurship and crazy challenges come from, and how comes that I ended up living in Spain? This article has some answers 😉

Social Innovation: A conference out of the ordinary

The fourth industrial revolution is coming waaay faster than anyone of us can grasp. With it, many challenges and scary things, but also tons of opportunities for sustainable development! With the conference Tech4Change that I organized in March 2018, we demonstrated ways that the latest tech can solve the world’s most pressing issues. And besides some kick-ass speakers, our participants developed great business plans – read more here!

Baumfrei: Ohne Plastik leben

How can you live without plastic? In a guest article for Baumfrei, I describe how my experiment of living without plastic went, and which my best tips for anyone new in the zerowaste (or zeroplastic) world are. For all the German speakers, you’ll find it here!