Hi, I’m Clara Bütow, 
the founder of Impact Revolution! Great to meet you here! I’ve been super passionate about sustainability and social impact for years, and couldn’t resist the itch to share this passion with the world! This is how Impact Revolution was born in June 2017, and has now become a podcast and event platform active all around Europe. Apart from my passion for sharing stories of  ideas and brilliant people, I love to dance to funk & techno music, get lost hiking in the mountains, and soak up as much sun as I can find.
With my team of awesome volunteers, I’ve set up the Traveling Trash Tour as Impact Revolution’s latest & largest project – and I’ll be the one carrying our massive plastic waste sculpture all the way from Paris to Berlin behind my bike and to dozens of events on the circular economy & zero waste that happen throughout the tour.
Apart from Impact Revolution, I’ve also co-founded the first European B Impact team that supports social enterprises to obtain B Corp certifications, and have been the president of makesense in Madrid, a growing global network of social entrepreneurs, businesses and civil society. Together loads of my amazing partners and rebels, I love to organise events for you, or take the stage myself for talks, workshops and art! You want to learn what’s the big deal about plastic, how you can live without it and what great solutions already exist out there? You want to become a (better) social entrepreneur or transform your business into a more sustainable one?! Get in touch, I’d love to come and help you – no matter if it’s for a toothpaste-workshop, a startup design thinking session or developing an impact maximisation strategy for your business. Just write me an email at hallo(at)impactrevolution(dot)eu !